Our First Steps

Children playing ukelele and hula in back of truck on lawn wearing Locals slippahs

One day in 1978...

Over in laid-back Hilo town, a local guy named Glenn needed a pair of slippahs.

So he made some slippahs. Not too soft, not too hard, not too heavy, not too fancy, but the kind that could hold up to local life—cruising at the beach, digging weeds in the yard, going grocery store, whatevahs, wherevahs, whenevahs.

Man sitting on porch steps wearing Locals slippahs
Group of people sitting on a beach wearing Locals slippahs

Glenn was happy, his feet were happy.

Hoping to make other people’s feet happy, he started selling his slippahs, first out of a truck, then in stores.

“These slippahs pretty good!” said his customers. Whether they called them rubbah slippahs, flip flops, zoris or slippers, Locals fit locals’ lives.

Man sleeping on a lanai wearing Locals slippahs

We’ve been hanging out ever since

Selling more than 20 million pairs, ready to walk your way.